Welcome to Denfinox. A company located in Düsseldorf Germany providing Innovative Software Solutions to the global market. Among our portfolio are Educational Software, POS for the food industry, new social media platforms and a powerful content management system. All software has been developed, tested and deployed by our company. We also develop PWAs on demand for our clients.

@denfinox 4 months ago Major changes coming to Denfinox GmbH. Stay tuned.
@denfinox 4 months ago Many thanks for sharing our work. Denfinox now has 500 visitors/day.
@denfinox 4 months ago Email server problem fixed. Thank you for telling us.
@denfinox 4 months ago Seems we have some problem with our mail server. Calling our hosting provider. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are still receiving ALL emails you send.
@denfinox 4 months ago Thank you for your interest. Our phones haven't stopped ringing. Of course we will answer all your emails. Thank you again.
@denfinox 4 months ago Just released a new video explaining SnapCMX. Watch it below!
@denfinox 5 months ago Denfinox is different therefore our site is different.
@denfinox 5 months ago Now I have to release a bunch of videos explaining and presenting our products.
@denfinox 5 months ago Our articles now provide a nice Print button. Try it out.
@denfinox 5 months ago Follow our work on GitHub and CodePen. We will release some projects there.
@denfinox 5 months ago We are currently updating (or redoing) every document, promotional material, video, even our logos. Denfinox will get viral but it takes time and efford.
@denfinox 5 months ago Currently updating our webpage. Please check back later.

Progressive Web Apps on demand

You always wanted some software in order to solve your problems or meet your needs. You tried to make it. You searched for someone to make it for you. Two things happened. ...

Mpoom! Brand new blockchain powered social media network

How about a social media network that respects privacy and the concept of democracy in our modern world? How about a social network converting your hours spent posting, liking, sharing into ...

Metasilver - Campaign Platform

It took us 7 years of development in active use. Metasilver - Campaign Platform Transforming Online Communities to Physical Communities Is there a way to mobilize Online Communities? Yes there is! Metasilver campaign platform connects ...

SnapCMX - Content Management taken to the extreme

After many years using Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and other content management platforms it was time to develop our own. What was missing The ability to lightning-fast create templates The ability to instantly post ...

SmartOrder - POS and Online Ordering Platform

Smartorder changing the way orders happen We found out that an allround ordering solution was missing. What do we mean by that. Our clients needed a solution Running locally. Internet access was not ...

Denfinox Learnbox

The idea behind How about the "Apple TV" for learning? How about a box you just plug into your local network and instantly being able to train up to 200 people? All ...

Denfinox talking with one of the largest private schools in Greece for collaborative learning

Our learning platform is flexible. We will adapt it for virtual classrooms. Our unique learning algorithms now available for entire classrooms! Gamified learning using AI in classrooms. Yeap we can do that. You ...

Denfinox is participating in Open Book Challenge

Open Book Challenge is looking to fund seven purpose-driven teams that want to build a billion-user social network to replace Facebook while protecting consumer privacy. Denfinox is in it with Mpoom ...

New marketing strategy and campaign

Denfinox started a new marketing strategy and an advertising campaign. We are currently updating our website, documents, videos even our logo in order to promote our products. Please stay tuned as Denfinox ...

Learning by click (NRW Bank Magazine March 2018)

NRW Bank included our company and Learnbox in its March 2018 publication. The article describes our company and our learnbox to it's clients. They visited our office and we gave an ...

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