Denfinox Learnbox

All-in-one E-Learning solution for small and mid-sized business (up to 200 employees). What is Denfinox Learnbox One: The Challenge Companies in Germany and other European Union countries operate under strict legal obligations, to keep their workforce trained and constantly updated. Legal stipulations aside, for most serious companies, keeping an alert and aware workforce is also a.. Read More »

Denfinox xLime System

Structure So, xLime e-learning system, what is this? Why calling it a system? We have created the following flow chart that simplifies the understanding of our system’s structure and explains why xLime is unique. In a nutshell. Ring us up for a detailed presentation, or hop by the Kö. Central Server Cue bubble titled “Main Server”, that.. Read More »

Denfinox Content Pack

The most popular training courses. Just one pack! You can order them as an extra or pre-installed on your Learnbox! You can easily import them to your existing xLime or Learnbox System. Developed as proprietary knowledge by leading experts in their field for Denfinox GmbH. Audited by Denfinox’s top authoring tool. Because the Denfinox experience.. Read More »

What’s in the box?

  • Authoring tool, even non-IT versed people can use
  • Complete LMS System
  • High quality Intel Hardware
  • Core Software
  • Optional Modules
  • Basic Training Pack
  • Documentation

Everything you need in a box! Just plug into your network and you are ready to go.

Safe, Secure, you can have it up and running in no time.

Get that workforce learning!

Order yours now!

Alpha stage nears completion

In this Industry, we are Alpha. But our first Beta is fast coming up our works. Can’t wait to take it online, take our company off and support you in state-of-the-art e-learning excellence! Stay tuned.

Denfinox GmbH at start up week in Düsseldorf

Denfinox GmbH loves startups. Speak to us about preferential rates for up and coming companies to use right from start effective e- Learning to share your knowledge among your investors, partners and vast network. Even when you start your vision working from grandma’s kitchen table, it is wise to share effectively with all your stakeholders.. Read More »

New Office Celebration at 08.04.2016, a total success!

Denfinox GmbH team would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts, for joining this wonderful evening. Over 25 people from Dusseldorf City authorities, prospective business partners people, lawyers and bankers, a cheerful and forward looking crowd, all were there. We held a small presentation about “What is Denfinox” and a sneak peek.. Read More »

Denfinox is creating a network of skillful people around the world. We have already partners in major capitals of Europe, Africa, and the UAE. We are interested in expanding our network to the US. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

On the prowl for the next big think to get involved in?

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Hop on the Innovation train, it is going to be a very interesting ride!

Artificial Intelligence

Do you want to know a secret?

AI should not be noticed.

This is what the Denfinox Experience is all about, seamless, under the surface…

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