Why xLime is a revolutionary e-learning system, fit for your Company?

International Security Framework

Internet Security has taken on a vastly different meaning and importance, with all that has happened in the recent years.

This is especially important to Germany and it’s diverse industry, it’s backbone the midsized companies up to large international industries. If you have not been directly affected, you will, at some point.

How Denfinox can support you in maintaining utmost safety

Unique, adaptive Security

We are solving the conflict of being both on and offline. A lot of large companies have blocked internet access to their staff and yet they wish to train their employees on their office computers, saving time and money. Watch your IT security budget go up …

Our system is able to operate in an air-gapped, wired LAN environment. We will not access your Company data.

Imagine a course like “Installation of a new automatic sat-nav-system” leaking out. Our system guarantees this never ever happens. The courses (servers and software) are physically located at company’s local network. There is and never will be any need for internet access.

The Denfinox Guarantee is airtight.

Unique stability and flexibility through proprietary Cell Technology

The courses are sealed and scrabbled to the central server thanks to our exclusive Cell Technology. Via Internal API (Private), courses are shared to the terminals and to the local web server.

Even if the network cable is being unplugged accidentally or on purpose the course adaptively goes on, unaffected! Once the terminals are reconnected the system automatically updates its status and employee course success or failure is logged. This technology provides to our customers the ability to transport some terminals i.e. to a constructing area and educate the staff on-site and afterwards return them back.

This is an unprecedented capability and we got it!

The edge of tomorrow’s technology, only now.

We only use state of the art development tools. Only the best is good enough in order to create a system that impresses at first sight.We, in Denfinox, create the software of the future. Literally.

Unique structure that guarantees flexibility

Have a quick glance at our system’s structure here.

We adapt to your Company’s size and requirements. You are unique, we know.

Working with our clientele we have seen Industrial behemoths needing to communicate and coordinate with their subsidiaries, groups et al., whether they are located in-country or on the other side of the planet.

Our system takes all in it’s stride, flexible for your needs, it can be installed on a single laptop to clouds of your choice, the world over.

Security, security, security.

Case Study (we know… but lets put you through some hoops here).

Imagine you have to (*gasp*) deal with a serious industrial accident. Your employees have the right to litigate on the basis of not having been trained and informed.There is a high risk of compensation payment to all stakeholders, even to the employees. 

With our e-learning system an employee is informed and duly trained on every safety-and work-related issue. At the end of each training a certificate is issued. The system is safe and documented, with the latest in proved digital certification state of the art, which will support you greatly in the event of having to go to court.

A serious e-learning system, for your Company is a long term investment with the usual moderate updates and for sure, worths every cent, many times over.

xLime System makes the difference

Come join the Denfinox Experience.

You will love what we can do for you, guaranteed, the German way!