All-in-one E-Learning solution for small and mid-sized business (up to 200 employees).

What is Denfinox Learnbox One:

The Challenge

Companies in Germany and other European Union countries operate under strict legal obligations, to keep their workforce trained and constantly updated. Legal stipulations aside, for most serious companies, keeping an alert and aware workforce is also a matter of competitive mindset.
The still most widely used method is primarily to bring in specialists that would conduct face-to-(many)faces workforce training. While we certainly don’t question the specific trainer’s expertise, this classical method of competence transfer has some quite obvious drawbacks as the most significant issues are: Vast workforce absence, small numbers of turnaround, lack of adjustment to individual learning speed and last but certainly not least: Costs!
Our solution can replicate the accuracy of human to human teaching, taking advantage of the best, technology has to offer, with added value.

Many solutions in the market, however none free of shortcomings:

There are many valuable e-learning systems in the market however with some key shortcomings:

  • Confusing pricing strategies
  • Internet connection dependent
  • Installation to your mainframe/server required
  • Installation by qualified/specialised personnel (you pay for that)
  • Inability to mould your own courses
  • Layman unfriendly
  • Incompatibility with portable devices

What’s in the Box?

……and this you won’t find anywhere else!
Instantly Ready to go! No installation !



A small box simply plugged into your network, and you are instantly ready to go. Your employees can comfortably attend their courses on their company allocated PCs. The only thing required is a modern browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera). Internet Explorer is installed by default on Windows systems, so practically there is no need to install anything! Even if there is no internet connection courses will be delivered through the local web server. Your mainframe/server is nowhere in this picture.



An Internet connection is not necessary. This issue is very important for companies with stringent information security standards.

Design your own courses with Denfinox Manager, also included in the box. The content of “sensitive” data that was created in the client’s company never leaves the company. Neither can we get access to this data.
It is linked to our LMS, the Denfinox Manager.

Benefits of the Denfinox Manager

Assignment attending courses: You can send an entire department for education with just one click.
Assignment results: Who finally attended the course, how many of those achieved in the final exam.
Certification: Through this system you can print or save a certificate of attendance, for any legal use, using advanced and approved digital certification procedures.

And… introducing the Denfinox Player

The employee can attend the courses on his office computer or on special terminals the company possesses for educational purposes only, portable devices, touch screens. The course is executed by Denfinox Player. It is the execution software. You never have to install anything so you do not need to upgrade.

What’s in the box?

  • Hardware: a high quality computer acting as a mini-server
  • Databases
  • Web Server
  • Core Software
  • Optional Modules
  • Basic Training Pack
  • Documentation
  • Tutorials

No specialized equipment is, or will ever be required, all training flows through a Web browser, of your choice.

We adapt to you, you work as you always have.

Get your workforce learning, fast and efficient, with the Denfinox Experience.

Keep an eye out for our Keynote Event.

We will be hard to miss!
Denfinox Learnbox is a Software and Server Duo, that does it all for you!