When we say Plug and Play, we mean it.

Your Company should not waste time and resources, with your workforce, undergoing complex and time consuming learning processes.

At the same time, your workforce should be the best informed and updated crew in your Industry.

The answer to this conundrum is the Denfinox Experience.

Tie up both ends with our products, you no longer need to compromise!

Keep in mind these points of interest, as you go through our site:

For our products pertain to:

  • Highly flexible product range
  • Plug and play solution for small business
  • Box moving capability
  • On-site replacement
  • Small businesses that mostly don’t have an IT infrastructure and in need of a small (up to 200 workers) solution than can be plugged into a patch panel, press the power button and is ready to use
  • For large companies we also have a solution (up to 5,000,000 workers). Seriously, if you have this much workforce, contact us ASAP