Denfinox Learnbox


All-in-one E-Learning solution for small and mid-sized business (up to 200 employees). What is Denfinox Learnbox One: The Challenge Companies in Germany and other European Union countries operate under strict legal obligations, to keep their workforce trained and constantly updated. Legal stipulations aside, for most serious companies, keeping an alert and aware workforce is also a.. Read More »


Denfinox xLime System


Structure So, xLime e-learning system, what is this? Why calling it a system? We have created the following flow chart that simplifies the understanding of our system’s structure and explains why xLime is unique. In a nutshell. Ring us up for a detailed presentation, or hop by the Kö. Central Server Cue bubble titled “Main Server”, that.. Read More »


Denfinox Content Pack


The most popular training courses. Just one pack! You can order them as an extra or pre-installed on your Learnbox! You can easily import them to your existing xLime or Learnbox System. Developed as proprietary knowledge by leading experts in their field for Denfinox GmbH. Audited by Denfinox’s top authoring tool. Because the Denfinox experience.. Read More »