SnapCMX - Content Management taken to the extreme

After many years using Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and other content management platforms it was time to develop our own.

What was missing

  1. The ability to lightning-fast create templates
  2. The ability to instantly post structured content (just using a few clicks)
  3. Social media integration from core
  4. Responsive Admin Panel and ability to manage our websites from mobile devices without sacrificing functionality
  5. Support for enchanced functionality withour limiting performance (modules in kernel)
  6. The ability to perform well under heavy load and thousands of posts
  7. UTF8mb4 (Emojis) support
  8. Multilingual from kernel
  9. Support for microblogging

And what happened?

It works. The moment writing this documents SnapCMX is in its fifth version. All points written before have been met. We are proud and happy with our system.

This website and actually all Denfinox websites are nowadays powered by SnapCMX.

Why calling it SnapCMX?

CMX stands for Content Management Xtreme. We took it to the next level. Posting different content types supported by our small, flexible and secure core.

Snap comes from "instant". In a Snap. You can post in a snap and articles can (if you wish so) disappear over time (like SnapChat does).

Can I use SnapCMX for my website?

Yes you can. It is much more cost-effective than paying a developer to make your own. We can adjust it to your needs and you will be positively suprised about pricing.

Contact us, tell us what you want and we will make it a reality.