Denfinox Creates the State of the Art!

Artificial Intelligence

In the workplace, things get more complicated: Cultural, educational, linguistic, skillset backgrounds make for a very challenging set of ever changing learning parameters. This entails that different people respond in different ways to different learning methods.

Our unique E-learning solution incorporates the core of artificial intelligence technologies. The system adjusts its teaching parameters to the individual learning pattern, just as a human teacher would. Or at least should…

The Denfinox Experience takes aim at this.

Save Time

Save Resources

Portability – Mobility
Everything around us is mobile, everywhere.
And so is Denfinox GmbH!

Computers Everywhere

It is a Future, already here.

Every surface an interface, every task digitalised.

Cars are by now being deployed in Apple Carplay and Android Auto. We have already been testing applications for them.


Be Future-Proof with us!