So, xLime e-learning system, what is this? Why calling it a system?

We have created the following flow chart that simplifies the understanding of our system’s structure and explains why xLime is unique.


In a nutshell. Ring us up for a detailed presentation, or hop by the Kö.

Central Server

Cue bubble titled “Main Server”, that being implemented in two ways. For small and medium businesses the server is included in the price and is provided by us. For larger ones, if so desired, it could be an existing dedicated server, hosting all databases, services and APIs.

Admin Software

“xLime Manager” is part of xLime system that can be installed on every computer on the local network. Using “xLime Manager” you can design courses, administrate training assignments and see all the aggregated results. For the installation a computer with at least Windows 7.0 is required. “xLime Manager” of course runs on PCs with Windows 10.



Terminals are special computers ( like all-in-pcs or Info Kiosk’s) which are exclusively used for educational purposes. They include their own local database (mySQL) and continue operating even if the main server is down or the network cable is being unplugged! There is no competitive system on the market able to operate under such extreme conditions. We said ‘cutting edge’, didn’t we?


Your employees can comfortably attend their courses on their Company allocated PCs. The only thing required is a modern browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera). Internet Explorer is installed by default on Windows systems, so practically there is no need to install anything! Even if there is no internet connection courses will be delivered through the local web server.

Mobile Devices

Do you want to attend your courses by a portable device (iPad, Android tablet) in the company? Over the web hanging out on your sofa at home? Even on vacation on the beach? No problem for Denfinox’s xLime system!

Public API

Submit your data to the xLime System, entries you’ve already have and change daily. For example you’ve already got 120.000 employees (i.e. Telekom) in different countries, data that already exists in your ERP. No problem for us. Via our public API our System is being constantly updated. Your staff can immediately attend training courses, wherever in the world your headquarters or seats are.

Such is the nature of this modern world…

Denfinox xLime System

This is our main e-Learning system, comprised of three parts:

xLime System Server

That being the Core, it runs on the server and comprises, amongst other things, of the Text to Speech (TTS) Engine, the relevant Databases, services and APIs.

The end result of that is audiovisual learning for the user.


 xLime Manager, xLime Designer

Our clients can use the Manager, running on Windows OS to schedule lessons to be taken, monitor the progress of their workforce, cumulatively and view the success/failure rates.

The Designer can be used to add new courses, expand upon existing ones or even design custom ones.

xLime Player

Our execution program (Denfinox Player), where the user can take his course, on his desktop, at his or her office, with no special installations required.

We also offer Info-Kiosk style terminals, stand alone, all-in-one, dust, moisture, chemical-spill and vibration protection rated setups, that may be more appropriate for some clients.

These terminals may be installed literally on the productions lines, minimising the need for the workforce to be absent.

Literally, not a second of valuable production time is wasted.